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Global Alliance for South Carolina is supporting South Carolina companies and academic organizations seeking research and business partners in Israel and Estonia.


GASC understands the challenges involved with identifying collaboration partners seven time zones away. We are here to help. If you are interested in finding a potential research or business partner that shares your interests, please review the following two sections:

Section 1:  South Carolina company interested in partnering with an Israeli or Estonian organization on a project concept developed by the Israeli or Estonian organization.

The following organizations have asked GASC to identify potential collaboration partners for project concepts the Israeli or Estonian organization has developed:

Country             Date Added                 Project Title                                                                 Brief Description

Israel                     7 Nov 2017                      Efficient wind power mechanical systems                   Setting standalone small/mid wind turbines across the countries will

contribute directly to the economy of the country’s electrical sector to reduce air pollution and greenhouse effects.  Our plan is recruit each landowner where wind prevails, without requesting capital to construct a wind turbine on his land.


Israel                     7 Nov 2017                      Advanced Green Rocket Propulsion                              NewRocket is engaged in the development of advanced, Green rocket

propulsion technology for the space and aviation markets. Main market applications are in aviation and space industries where our technology could be used to introduce new lifesaving safety solutions. Moreover, our future solutions may serve as a clean replacement for highly-toxic space propulsion systems.

Section 2:  South Carolina company interested in partnering with an Israeli or Estonian organization on a project concept developed by the South Carolina organization.

GASC is happy to initiate a “partner search request” on your behalf, which we will share with our Israeli and Estonian counterparts.  Our counterparts will search their R&D companies and organizations for potential “matches” that may wish to partner on your proposed concept.

To initiate the partner request process, please provide the following information to the GASC Executive Director, Russ Keller, at

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Upon submission, a GASC representative will contact you to confirm receipt and request more information. Your profile will be provided to our Israeli and Estonian counterparts, who will facilitate a targeted partner search.