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South Carolina offers many advantages and incentives to companies seeking opportunities for entry into the North American marketplace.  In the past five years, South Carolina has received more than $16 billion in new foreign investments, representing >8% of total job growth and creating over 27,000 jobs.


  • SC IS JUST RIGHT FOR ADVANCED MATERIALS.  South Carolina was once known primarily as a textile state. While the textile industry is still strong, the manufacturing of advanced materials—including more advanced textiles—has shifted the state’s economy into high gear. From plastics and optics to photonics and composite materials, South Carolina now supplies the world’s manufacturers with the items needed to make some of the industry’s most complex products. Innovative polymer and advanced composites research facilities and an exceptional workforce allow the Palmetto State to support an increasingly significant cluster of advanced materials companies.GASC Tech Areas
  • SC IS JUST RIGHT FOR ADVANCED MANUFACTURING.  From premium automobiles and appliances to boats and aircraft, each time a finished product rolls off an assembly line in this state, it helps solidify South Carolina’s reputation as a location that truly is just right for advanced manufacturing.  We are proud to have a history in manufacturing. Once focused on textile mill and apparel jobs, the Palmetto State now boasts a diversified industry of manufacturers.  We have become a true leader in advanced manufacturing and one of the world’s top producers of complex products.  The state’s advanced manufacturing industry is growing at a record pace that shows no signs of slowing. In fact, since 2011, the number of manufacturing jobs has increased by nearly 16%. South Carolina now leads the nation in the export sales of tires, passenger vehicles and roller and ball bearings.
  • SC IS JUST RIGHT FOR AEROSPACE.  South Carolina is home to one of the nation’s most dynamic aerospace centers. With an annual economic impact of more than $19 billion, the aerospace sector has evolved into a major pillar of the state’s economy.  Since 2009, when Boeing selected North Charleston for its final assembly and delivery facility, the state’s aerospace industry has soared. The driving force behind the success of this sector is the state’s loyal, highly-skilled workforce.  From premium automobiles to wide-bodied commercial aircraft, the people of South Carolina have proven that they excel in manufacturing advanced, extremely complex products.
  • SC IS JUST RIGHT FOR AUTOMOTIVE.  With an annual economic impact of more than $27 billion, the automotive sector is now an integral part of the state’s economy.  As a result, a wide range of companies that support all aspects of automotive manufacturing—assemblers, parts suppliers and raw material producers—are based here.  It all started in 1994, when the first South Carolina-made BMW rolled off of the assembly line at the company’s Upstate manufacturing facility. More than two decades later, the Palmetto State has become a leader in automotive manufacturing. South Carolina currently leads the US in the export of completed passenger vehicles. Moreover, the state also ranks first in both the production and export of tires, accounting for nearly one-third of the US market share.
  • SC IS JUST RIGHT FOR LIFE SCIENCES.  Recent investments by leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have brought recognition to South Carolina as a top destination for the life sciences industry. With a talented and innovative workforce, top research institutions and world-class hospital systems, the Palmetto State boasts an expanding biotech infrastructure.  With such exceptional assets, a dynamic group of bulk manufacturers, chemical processors, generic and proprietary drug makers, hygiene product producers and packagers and related research and development companies have all decided to make their home in South Carolina.  And, as a result, the Palmetto State has cultivated a truly cutting-edge life sciences industry sector.
  • SC IS JUST RIGHT FOR DISTRIBUTION & LOGISTICS.  The port of Charleston is one of the nation’s most efficient container handling hubs and a strategic asset for export and import of goods.  More than 208 million people are within a two days’ drive of South Carolina.
  • SC IS JUST RIGHT FOR AGRIBUSINESS.  With approximately 25,000 farms and 17.5 million acres of forestland, we are in the business of growing.
  • SC IS JUST RIGHT FOR OFFICE/SHARED SERVICES.  South Carolina’s office and shared services industry prove that the Palmetto State is home to a diversified and dynamic economy.